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The GoBe Story: Why We Started

Every person has a story and everything has a beginning. The core reason of what drives them forward. At GoBe, we are no different. We have been perpetually propelled by the snack demands of our children!!! Just kidding…. Sort of.😅😬

The catalyst (our child and her snacking needs) and the result (The Snack Spinner)

In truth, we are on a mission to change the world by changing the one. Too idyllic and simplistic? We don’t think so either! We truly believe that by raising good “little” humans, the world will continue to be filled with good “big” humans. It is why we started GoBe and continue forward. 

As any new parent is aware, feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt can be as frequent as nap-time and nappy changes. We counter those feelings of uncertainty by becoming professional self-help book-worms, and Google/Instagram researchers, as we desperately search for ideas and solutions to those ever-lingering questions. And as any parent is aware, so many of those worries are centered around eating and meal time. Is my kid eating enough? Are they eating the right foods? Am I giving them enough variety? Is it too early to introduce sweet flavors? Why is my child so picky? Why does my kid seem to eat less and less food now? Why is there such a power struggle between us at meal time? Is my child taking on my own personal issues with food!? 🤔… The worries are constant and endless.

To top off the already existing anxiety centered around meal time, add on the current contradictions of diet culture. Eat this…wait! Actually, you can no longer eat it. Eat this, it’s better! 🙃 It’s no wonder that over time our kids develop unhelpful tendencies around food and themselves.


At GoBe we want to foster healthy relationships with food so children feel empowered to explore new foods, are safe doing so, and have fun doing it! Where trust and connection are the source of it all. It is the main reason we designed the Snack Spinner and it is the main reason behind every new product we have coming down our pipeline thus far. 

The Snack Spinner is a single product designed by two parents, who in the early throes of parenthood found themselves knee deep in the battle that frequently wages between parent and child. You know the situation well. The stare down ensues between parent and child. It’s a battle of resolve and yours is wearing thin! Your child is equipped with the stubbornness of a 100 year old oak tree as you sit with an array of chosen foods, and your only remaining trick is hoping your kid blinks or looks away for 5 seconds so you can sneak more food onto their plate. (We DO NOT recommend this strategy. 😬 It only backfires.) We all know, this does not end well. 

The Snack Spinner - and every other GoBe product - is designed to help eliminate the struggle between parent and child, and between child and food. To help ensure smart, intuitive eating where you pack your child’s Snack Spinner with “parent-approved” snacks, and your kid-o still has a voice in what they partake in. 

(The very first Snack Spinner being shipped!)
That’s why we started GoBe. To build stronger relationships and help take the struggle out of eating so our energy can be applied to cultivating other strong bonds between yourself, your child, and others around us.Every product we design and will design in the future, whether they are food related or not, will be designed to simplify life so those bonds can be increased. Because we believe that building strong relationships within the family helps build stronger relationships within our communities. And when our communities are thriving, we as a human race have a greater chance at thriving. It may seem overly confident, but at GoBe we truly believe the smallest alterations can bring about the most impactful changes. We believe in making a difference, and that is why we started and what will keep us going. And we want to thank you for inviting us into your life and bringing us along for the ride!

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