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We’re so excited for you to use the Snack Spinner with your little one! Here are some important things to know before using your Snack Spinner.

The Snack Spinner has a lock built into the button. Your button may be locked when you receive your Snack Spinner. If you have version two of the Snack Spinner (order date after December 10th, 2019) the instructions for unlocking/locking the button are as follows: 

The Button Lock Version Two 

Turn the button clockwise to unlock. To lock the tray in place for on-the-go, hold the button down and turn it counterclockwise. 


The Button Lock Version One 

If you ordered your Snack Spinner before December 10th, 2019, you have version one! To unlock your button, slide the tab to the left of the button up. To lock, press the button and slide the tab down. 


The disassembly for the Snack Spinner is the same for version one and two. Your Snack Spinner comes apart into three pieces and is top-rack dishwasher safe! At first your lid may be hard to open/close due to tight leak-proof seal, but over time your Snack Spinner will become easier to open as friction softens the seal!


Have fun!

Invite your little one to try new foods with the Snack Spinner! Let them help fill it up and throw in a few new foods with some of their favorites! Your kiddo is bright so we know they will quickly figure out how to push the button to hop from snack-to-snack!