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promotes independence

The GoBe snack spinner empowers kids to pick their own snacks and manage their portions, and teaches them to listen to their body and self-regulate, building fundamental skills for kids to eat healthy throughout their entire lives.

develops fine motor skills

We get amazing reviews from occupational therapists and nutritionists on our snack spinner, which features an easy to press button and simple flip door, which helps to develop kids' fine motor skills. Not only that, it's really fun to use!

contains wet & dry snacks

Unlike some of our competitors, the GoBe Snack Spinner is great at containing wet and dry snacks, allowing for parents to give their children snacks with a variety of tastes and textures without mixing, all conveniently together in an easy to wash container.

a sustainable alternative

Many parents rely on the convenience of single use snack containers like ziplocs, which can lead to a lot of waste. Our Snack Spinners are easy to pack in a bag, easy to wash right in the dishwasher, and great at keeping a variety of snacks together in a single container, producing less waste!

From our family,
to yours.

We invented the snack spinner because we are passionate about raising the best little people possible and helping our girls have a healthy relationship with themselves and food.

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