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Meet Solanda Moran-Blanch

Born in Ecuador, much of Solanda’s upbringing was rooted in what is known in today’s society as “diet culture”. While she endured her own body image issues growing up, moving to the U.S. to pursue a degree in public health served as a catalyst in inspiring Solanda’s passion for nutrition. Moreover, as a devoted parent to four young young girls, Solanda understands the anxieties around the feeding power struggle and how it is equally important to both provide a variety of foods and to empower children to choose what they want to eat. It is her life’s work to continue bringing ideas to the table that will ensure her kids-and every kid out there-will be able to foster healthy relationships with food throughout their entire lives.

Meet Joseph Blanch

A humbling childhood and witnessing his parents’ unsuccessful business ventures spurred Joseph’s desire to excel from a young age. His choice to study mechanical engineering in college is ultimately what led Joseph to meet his life partner, Solanda, and the two of them together embarked on an even greater journey: parenthood. A dedicated and nurturing father, Joseph sought to find a solution that could meet their family’s snacktime needs-and resolve the feeding anxieties and challenges they experienced. Combining his innovativeness with Solanda’s suggestions, Joseph transformed the parenting hurdles they encountered into a viable product that could facilitate more positive (and fun!) feeding experiences for both parents and kids.

You’ll love what we designed…

The initial 10-slot design transformed into the 5-compartment GoBe Snack Spinner you know and love today. All of our products undergo extensive WOW-factor testing (which includes customer feedback!) to ensure the best product goes to market. We strive to offer products that promote developing healthy relationships with food and encourage kids to embrace both creativity and an endless imagination-and we’re delighted you chose us to be a part of your family.

Our mission
Helping parents and kiddos thrive!

GoBe Kids is passionate about helping parents and kiddos under five thrive through four core pillars: eat, play, connect, and rest.

Our main goal: to support parents, just like you.

GoBe Kids is here not just to make feeding time easier for you and your littles, but also to build a community of parents who can enrich each other’s lives. That’s why we’ve dedicated our time to putting together resources to offer advice, inspiration, and fun ideas so you can spend more time with your family.