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When will my Snack Spinner ship?

We are now shipping! Orders placed now will ship same or next business day!

How much does each compartment hold?

The Snack Spinner has five separate snacking compartments that hold up to 2.4 fl ounces. 

What is your return policy?

You can return your Snack Spinner within 10 days of receiving it. To be eligible for a return the Snack Spinner must be in the original packaging, unused, and in the same condition you received it. You can read more about our return policy here.  

What materials is the Snack Spinner made from?

The Snack Spinner is made from high quality materials and is BPA and PVC free! If you’re really into details, the materials used are polycarbonate (BPA free) and polypropylene (plastic #5).

Will my snacks from one compartment spill into the other compartments?

Your snacks in the Snack Spinner will stay separated and will not spill from one compartment to another as long as they are a solid consistency!

What kind of snacks do you recommend packing in the Snack Spinner?

We recommend you pack dry or moist solid foods in the Snack Spinner, but stay away from snacks with a more liquid consistency like apple sauce. Some examples of snacks that work well in the Snack Spinner are: cheerios, gold fish, strawberries, grapes, pineapple, blueberries, oranges, mango, animal crackers, cheese and pretzel sticks!

How much does each compartment hold?

Each snacking compartment holds about 1/4 cup of solid food. That equates to about five strawberry slices, 16 grape slices (quartered), six or pineapple slices.

Is the Snack Spinner dishwasher safe?

Yes! We know you’re busy so we made the Snack Spinner easy to clean!

Do you offer bulk discounts?

We don’t have any discounts available at this time!

Can I buy the Snack Spinner on Amazon?

No, the only place to buy the Snack Spinner is on our website. We do not have plans to sell the Snack Spinner on Amazon at this time.

What age group is the Snack Spinner intended for?

We recommend kiddos ages 2.5 and up use the Snack Spinner!

Does the Snack Spinner randomly stop on one of the compartments like a roulette game?

No! The Snack Spinner moves only one compartment at a time when you press the button. If your kiddo wants to get to the bananas that are three compartments away, they will press the button three times to get to get there!

Is the button hard to push?

It shouldn't be hard for your little one to push! The recommended age for the Snack Spinner is 2.5 years and older! If they are too small you can help them press the button to build up muscle to use it sooner! However, all of the testing that we have done with the Snack Spinner, kids who are 2.5 years and older had no problem pressing the button.