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New is scary.
New is exciting.
New is hectic.
New is stressful.
New is vulnerable and powerful.
New is bright. 
New makes us feel unsure and brave.
New is hopeful.



Spring is in bloom and the world is awash in newness. New life stirs around us and we take this opportunity to rest in the embrace of newness and the hope and challenges that always come with it. 

While change can be exciting and good, it usually breeds its own level of challenges. At GoBe, our mission has always been to help parents ease into the challenges of all the new phases of childhood. The chore of introducing new foods wears the many faces of newness--stressful and scary-- but also exciting and fun. To help with that experience, the Snack Spinner helps to eliminate the stressful and scary part of new, and focus more on the exciting and fun. 

At GoBe, we embrace the best of new!

In the spirit of new, the GoBe family is once again embracing change on a personal level. In December we welcomed two new members to our family with the arrival of Amelia and Felicy. 



Everything has changed for us-- sleeping schedules, feeding schedules, our gripping hold on sanity. The change also includes the multiplication of joy. Our lives are twice as amazing. Nap time is also twice as amazing... for everyone. 😅

Mia (5) and Mercedes (3) have fallen into their roles as big sisters with absolute gusto. It has been amazing to witness.



The reality of change is ever present for us on a daily basis. Our energy levels are running low, but love levels are running high. We wouldn’t change “the new” of the past few months for anything in the world. We are reminded of the beauty and growth that comes with every new challenge in our lives. With each new change, we grow--our hearts, our endurance, and sometimes our level of sleep deprivation. New forces us all to grow, to travel down novel and untouched roads.










As you all enter this new spring season, may we all find joy while traveling the many roads of “new” this spring season.


Happy Spring and Happy Easter.

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