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Taking GoBe’s Snack Spinner to New Levels of Fun (and Uses)!

The feedback is in: GoBe’s Snack Spinner is both a hit with kiddos and parents when it comes to snack time. Spill and mess-resistant, a wide range of brilliant colors, interactive sensory stimulation, all while promoting the power of choice for your children…how could it get any better than that? Well, we’re here to share that your beloved Snack Spinner can come in handy for more than just delivering delicious eats. Keep reading to discover some of our favorite ways you can try at home!

On-The-Go Arts & Crafts

Is your little one an aspiring jewelry maker or builder extraordinaire? The next time your kid genius wants to take their latest creation-in-progress on the go, pack up the pieces into your Snack Spinner! It’s a fantastic way to safely store all of the bits and bobs that your child will need all while being incredibly portable and easy for them to use. If your kiddo is currently fascinated with Play-Doh, have no fear! You can pack a bunch of different colors into the Snack Spinner so your little one can sculpt to their heart’s content.

Sensory Sorting Fun!

If you’re looking for a great way to transport sensory play items, the Original Snack Spinner is a great option. With five compartments that your child can switch between at the press of a button, you can use the Snack Spinner to store colored pom-poms for your little one to sort through and create fun images with. For owners of the Large Snack Spinner, the additional space is a dream come true if you want to pack a variety of items for your little one to play with-like these adorable counting dinosaurs or Squigs. Increasing the level of sensory play that the Snack Spinner already provides your child can only equate into even more fun for your kiddos!

Stationery Organization

As your kids get older, their needs may become less oriented on snacking-but that doesn’t mean the Snack Spinner can’t come in handy. Leverage the compartments as a simple way to organize paper clips, stickers, note flags, erasers, and any other stationery needs your kids will have when it comes to their schoolwork. The possibilities are truly limitless here and if your children are participating in any after school studying, the Snack Spinner is easy to throw into their backpack. And don’t forget, our GoBe parents can also use the Snack Spinners to give a fun boost to their #DeskOrganization too!

A Baker’s Dream

If you get fascinated watching cookie or cake decorating content, you are not alone! The next time you and the kids want to try decorating some yummy treats, the Large Snack Spinner is an incredible solution to have all of the piping tips you may need and any sprinkles or toppings that you want to have at the ready. Not only does this allow you to have everything in an easy to access, one-stop-shop (and more space to cut out cookies on your countertops!), your mini sous chefs will be able to help grab whatever you may need (like M&Ms for brownie bites!)-or get creative with their own decorations!

The Perfect Companion for a Walk

The next time you and your kiddos venture on a nature walk in your neighborhood, on a local trail or even at the beach, don’t forget to bring your Snack Spinner! While your Snack Spinner is an incredible vessel for energizing snacks, it is also a great way for your little ones to collect all the fun finds they’ll encounter while enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer. Acorns, pine needles, flowers, sea shells…let your children’s imagination run wild! The best part is that their special treasures will be safely stored (and organized!) until you get home.

We hope these tips help inspire you to find new ways to use your much loved Snack Spinner! If you give any of these ideas a try-or come up with a totally different one-snap a photo and tag us ( or send it on over to our team at We’d love to hear from you and can’t wait to see all the creative ideas that our GoBe community comes up with!

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