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Hot Tips for a Summer of Fun in the Sun (and inside the Home)!

We all remember looking forward to that long summer break during our childhoods…and our kiddos are no less excited for two months chock full of fun! Understandably so, parents may be feeling a slight bit of anxiety (which is completely normal and okay!) when it comes to thinking about ways to keep their children engaged in activities. Not to worry though! Keep reading for some great ideas that you can use to entertain your kids, encourage active learning in their daily routine, and avoid that dreaded “I’m bored!” phrase.

Two girls look over a table with lemonade ingredients as they set up their lemonade stand

Who Wants Lemonade?

There is something about a nice cool glass of lemonade that resonates with all things related to summertime. Encourage your mini-entrepreneur to start their first “official” #sidehustle by setting up a lemonade stand in your driveway. Build and design the stand with your kiddo and let their creativity shine when it comes to artwork and naming their business. You can even check out The Lemonade Stand Cookbook for inspiration on foods, drinks, and crafts that your child can make and sell. This is a great way to teach your children how to raise (and save) money that can go towards a new toy, game, or donation to a charity of your child’s choosing.

Pro Tip: If you work from home, try having “coworking” sessions with your kids during their business hours. It’s a fantastic way to bond with your children, keep them safe, answer some work items, and get some Vitamin D. We call that a major win/win!

Two young boys huddle up together reading a comic on the beach

Go on a Literary Adventure

You don’t need to be poolside or on a beach to enjoy a good book (although they are two fantastic spots to take a deep dive into a new story). Check out your local public library to see if they offer a summer-long reading program that your kid can participate in. Not to mention, many libraries will also incorporate fun activities like science shows and group story sessions that will foster both socialization and learning for your little ones.

Even major retailers like Barnes & Noble offer a summer reading program. For Barnes & Noble, their summer reading program involves kids reading a designated number of books (library books, borrowed books from friends, etc.) and describing their favorite part in a reading journal. Once your kiddo’s journal is full, bring the completed journal to a Barnes & Noble store and your child can pick a free book to take home.

Three children use chalk to doodle on the asphalt of a tennis court.

Make a Summer Fun Bucket List

To-do lists seem to be a part of our everyday routines…so why not make one that’s fun? Write up a bucket list of around 50 items with your little one and allow them to pick which items they want to accomplish each morning. Ideas can range from “take a nature walk” to “create chalk art” or even “try a new food”-the possibilities are endless. Here is a fun template you can use to create your own fun list.

Two children sit at a picnic table with a checkered table cloth, using mustard and ketchup to dress their freshly grilled hot dogs.

Get Cookin’!

Summer is a great time to try new recipes with fresh, bright ingredients and involve your all-star sous chefs! Not only is cooking a fantastic way to engage all the senses in exploring different foods, it’s a quick and easy way to teach your kiddos about measurements, meal planning, and kitchen safety. Make sure your kids have a safe, front row seat to all the delicious cuisine magic happening in the kitchen and let their creativity roam free!

Three children splash each other in a kiddy pool in the middle of a yard on a sunny day.

Make a DIY Waterpark

For some outdoor fun, turn your backyard into a mini waterpark for you and the kiddos to enjoy! Pool noodles, floaties, bubble machines, and refillable water balloons are easy to find during the summer months and they make great additions to a custom obstacle course! Make sure your little ones are well-protected by sunscreen and sun-protective clothing while they play and have some popsicles or cool treats on hand for break time.

Pro Tip: Pool noodles aren’t just for water play. If it’s a stormy summer day, turn your pool noodles into a bowling alley and bring the fun indoors! You can also bring the water table into an enclosed shower (no need to turn on the water!) for some indoor fun!

A young boy and his mother put a scrapbook together on the floor. They're surrounded by little photos and clippings.

Create a Summer Scrapbook

Time goes by fast when you’re having fun (we’re still searching for that pause button) so create a scrapbook with your kids of all the memories you’ve created during the summer. Over the course of the summer, encourage your kids to take lots of photos, write journal entries, keep brochures or souvenirs, or even maps of destination spots that the family visited. Each time they collect something new, have them create a new scrapbook page with stickers, markers, or paint pens. Scrapbooking is a fun, engaging activity that can help brighten up a rainy day and you and your kiddos end up with a beautiful way to look back on all of your summer adventures.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas to help make your kiddos’ summer an unforgettable one! If you have any ideas or summer tips you’d like to share with our team, please send them to We’d love to hear from you and see all the wonderful adventures you and your beautiful family enjoy this summer!

Here’s to experiencing a summer to remember!

- Alissa, from the GoBe Team

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