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Tips for Traveling With Littles

Here’s a fun fact for you.🤓 Did you know Solanda, one of the GoBe founders is an Ecuadorian native and spent most of the summer traveling with her and Joseph’s four small girls visiting relatives in her homeland? It’s true. Through her travels she learned some things. The first is that even though challenging at times (an understatement), traveling with family is a singular way to build relationships and learn about each other and our world. The second is that it was an immersive education for her kiddos on every level. 

In honor of the GoBe Founder world-travelers, we decided it would be beneficial to share with you our top tips for traveling with young, eager adventurers. 

We know what you’re thinking. “Traveling? With Kids?..... Let’s try that in 18 years.” But hear us out. There are many benefits that make traveling with your youngsters worth it and each trip doesn’t have to be international or plane-worthy:

  • It’s awesome for your budget. Just kidding. But it doesn’t have to break the bank or prevent fun memories. Budget and try to find fun and free activities in the areas you are visiting.
  • It allows them to see the world through different lenses and welcome varying perspectives while showing them the diversity of different cultures.
  • It’s a great way to teach them history, language, communication, independence, manners, respect, flexibility, problem solving, and a thousand other applicable lessons. 
  • Kids learn about their world and how they fit in it through these immersive experiences.
  • Families fight, bond, reminisce, and grow through these priceless adventures.
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY…You can remind them of all the fun places you took them when you’re approaching nursing home age.

So now that you’re fully convinced and enthusiastic (Right…🫣?) to embark on these adventures, whether they be through air, on land, or over water let’s spill the tea on tips for traveling with children.

Tips for Traveling with Children:

    1. Find a babysitter to leave them with. Grandparents or fun aunts are our top recommendation. (We joke. We joke.)
    2. Facetime them when you get to your destination. They’ll be with you in spirit. (Also a joke).
    3. The serious tips begin with: Plan the schedule ahead of time and leave with an ample cushion. You know, just in case your kids are members of the “Do Everything As Slow As Possible Club”, like ours are. 
    4. Pack activities to stimulate different parts of their brains, interests, or attention levels. Books, coloring books, sticker books, Benadryl, pop-its, rubix cube, and ipads with personal headphones. For the love of all that is holy, make sure Ipads are fully charged.
    5. Bring a portable charger. Make sure it’s fully charged as well… obvi. 
    6. Pack their favorite snacks. Not sure if you’ve heard of this cool snack container called the Snack Spinner? We’ve heard it works great for travel. 😉
    7. Pack 10x the amount of snacks you think you’ll need. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks.
    8. Have their drinks readily available.
    9. Make sure layers are easily accessible in case they get cold in cars/planes. 
    10. Let old-enough kiddos help pack and carry their own gear. They’ll know where things are located and feel ownership in their choices. As manager, you get ultimate say.
    11. Plan breaks to get out the wiggles. On a road trip, we like to plan meal stops in places where they can get some energy out.
    12. Keep your travel eating schedule similar to your normal day-to-day eating schedule. 
    13. Have an arsenal of surprise games/activities available. I spy is a fan-favorite.
    14. Make sure your contact information is located on them in case they get lost. Not a heart tattoo with “Mom” and your phone number, but duct tape inside jackets with prudent information in permanent marker is useful.
    15. Be flexible in planning your activities. 
    16. Keep them in the loop of what might be coming next.
    17. Schedule to leave before naps so kids can get a good long sleeping stretch in while traveling. This benefits ALL travelers. 
    18. When flying, change diapers before you board the plane. Avoid having to change on the plane if possible.
    19. Set ZERO expectations and give yourself grace. It’s tough to travel with kids… so you do you!
    20. Enjoy the journey. You’re making memories you all will never forget.

So, hit the road, Jack! There’s a big wide world out there to explore and don’t forget to share your travel experiences with us!

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