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In Love While Parenting

 In Love While Parenting  

Happiness Chemicals: Did you know the level of happiness one feels is primarily connected to 3 major hormones? 1. Dopamine 2. Cortisol 3. Oxytocin

Dopamine is the hormone we stalk the most because it is connected to immediate happiness. But it is also the hormone that fades the quickest. It is a short-term reward system but one we seek because it’s instant happiness. A new purchase, eating a favorite food, browning social media. Whatever gives us immediate pleasure. But it quickly fades. 

Cortisol is the hormone associated with stress levels. While small amounts of cortisol can be good, because it is what drives us to be productive human beings, too much can decrease our well-being. Children often have too much of this when they live in constant fear of something bad about to happen. Parents can often be the catalyst in these high-levels. 

Oxytocin is the bonding hormone. An Increase in oxytocin improves your long-term well being and has the biggest benefit on us overtime. Is like exercising for the brain. But much like any form of exercise, you may not see results right away, but over time you will see the effects.

Understanding the basics of these hormones that nurture or deter our happiness is the first step in understanding how we can raise and lower these chemicals in our own lives to maximize long-term happiness in ourselves and our loved ones. 

Again, we would strongly encourage you to download the app and learn for yourself! And we will throw another nugget of gold your way from “In Love While Parenting” in a future email!

Seek long term happiness our friends! 

With love, GoBe.

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