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Welcome to the GoBe community!

We're so glad you're here. Here, we share our favorite products, parenting tips and tricks, and ways to help foster healthy relationships between you and your kiddos.

Featured Blog Post:
The GoBe Story

GoBe started because we want to foster healthy relationships between our children and food. Now three years later, this sentiment continues to fit into our story, even as we’ve evolved both personally as parents and also as a company. 

Throughout our journey, we’ve learned how important it is to respect kids and their decisions. We’ve learned as parents, we don’t need to micromanage what our kids are eating. Rather, by honoring their individual strengths and challenges, we can help eliminate the struggles and anxieties when it comes to eating.  

Discover exciting and healthy summer snack ideas for kids that are simple to prepare and perfect for little hands. From frozen yogurt bites filled with fresh fruits to refreshing veggie cups with hummus dip, these nutritious snacks are designed to keep your kids hydrated and happy during the warm summer months. Dive into our creative snack solutions like watermelon pops, cheese and fruit kabobs, and peanut butter banana roll-ups that are sure to be a hit. Learn how to make snack time both fun and nourishing with GoBe Kids’ innovative Snack Spinner and Lunchbox. Embrace the summer with these delightful and healthy treats that are ideal for any outdoor activity or a relaxing day at home. Equip yourself with these easy-to-make, kid-friendly snacks to ensure your children stay energized and satisfied.