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Meet Honey & Lemon!

Introducing a friendship as comforting as a warm cup of tea🍵


Illustration of two friends: Honey, who is sitting at a cafe table and reading a book with a cup of tea, and Lemon, who is outside in a soccer uniform waving excitedly to get Honey's attention.
Closeup of Lemon, waving enthusiastically with a Yellow Large Snack Spinner hovering above her.

Bubbly and animated, Lemon is your friend who’s somehow always energetic in the mornings, no matter how late she was up the night before.

With a beaming smile and unmatched optimism, her positivity makes her a ray of sunshine in every room she walks into.

Being friends with Lemon means getting dragged to all of her adrenaline-producing weekend shenanigans, and you just might find yourself bungee-jumping or sky-diving more often than you signed up for!

Lemon is great at getting you out of your comfort zone and bringing out the adventurous, cheerful, and confident parts of yourself - but watch out - her mood can quickly sour if she doesn’t get her way (which to her is always the right way).

In the rare moments that Lemon feels down, she leans on her rock of a bestie - the soothing and kind Honey - who seems to be the only person that can neutralize Lemon’s sour moods.




Closeup of Honey, smiling gently and reading with a Honey/Lemon lunchbox floating below her.

You can find Honey hanging around her local coffee shop, re-reading her favorite novels and sipping on a venti Chai Latte.

An absolute tower of strength, Honey has a heart of gold and an innate wisdom that allows her to maintain a consistently peaceful outlook on life.

Her sympathy is never-ending; she dedicates herself to bringing a healing, uplifting, and stable presence by providing a positive perspective to every situation.

Known for being an old soul, Honey’s friendship with Lemon keeps her silly, chipper, and youthful.

Honey brings a sweet stability that perfectly balances out Lemon’s untamed exuberance, making the two of them a dynamic best-friend duo that’ll make your day as fulfilling as a warm cup of tea!


Want to get to know Honey & Lemon better? Reach out to us at with your questions and concerns!

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