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Meet Solanda: The Mompreneur Behind GoBe

The tale of GoBe Kids intertwines with the journey of Solanda, the heart behind the Snack Spinner! Born in Ecuador, Solanda's upbringing instilled in her a deep appreciation for food and culture, and when she moved to the U.S. she pursued a degree in public health that ignited her passion for nutrition and wellness. As a devoted mother of four young girls, Solanda understands firsthand the challenges parents face in nurturing healthy eating habits in their children. Armed with her expertise in public health and fueled by her love for her family, Solanda embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way children interact with food.

The Goldfish Dilemma

In 2018, Solanda found herself grappling with a common parental conundrum: her daughter's selective eating choices. Despite her efforts to offer nutritious alternatives, her daughter only had eyes for goldfish crackers. Realizing that micromanaging her daughter's diet worsened the issue, Solanda sought a solution that would empower her daughter to make independent food choices while ensuring she got her nutrients.


The Strawberry Story

Before the creation of the Snack Spinner, Solanda faced the common parental challenge of traveling with hungry kids without making a mess. One day, she found herself passing single strawberries to her daughter in the back seat of the car and knew there had to be a better way. This experience, coupled with her drive to provide her kids with greater variety in their diets, inspired Solanda to create a product that would make snacking on the go both convenient and enjoyable for kids and parents alike.


Introducing the Snack Spinner

Fueled by her experiences as a mother and her passion for nutrition, Solanda teamed up with her husband, Joseph, to create the Snack Spinner. This innovative snack container allows children to choose between a variety of nutrient-dense foods in a safe and engaging way. By giving children autonomy over their food choices, the Snack Spinner promotes healthy eating habits and empowers kids to develop a positive relationship with food.

Solanda's journey from public health educator to mompreneur is a testament to her dedication to improving the lives of children and families everywhere. With her innovative products and unwavering commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles, Solanda continues to make a positive impact on the world of parenting and nutrition. Join Solanda and the GoBe Kids team on their mission to empower children to lead happy, healthy lives!

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